Young Arthur - King Arthur Challenge

General / 27 June 2019

Hey guys, first pass at Arthur. Just a blocking pass before start concerning about details and small gear.

I changed some parts of the concept, to adapt it to my style, but still there's a lot of things to do, and probably it'll have a lot of changes.

Let me know what you think guys ! 

Cheers !

Shiba Cyberspace Unit Monitor - S.C.U.M. (Texturing)

General / 13 March 2019

Hey Guys, Here's some update on my SCUM model texturing process. Still a bunch of things to fix and there's A LOT of pieces to unwrap and work on, but that' what i have for now.

PS: Hair is just a proxy...


Shiba Cyberspace Unit Monitor - SCUM (High Poly Finished)

General / 01 March 2019

Hey guys ! Long time without mess with this girl...

So, here's the final model of my SCUM Character. Now i'll gonna prepare her for real time render, probably marmoset, but i'm really into what Unreal is capable of...

C&Cs are very welcome...