Tom Cruise Hair Update

General / 04 June 2020

Hey guys, first hair blocking. Still a lot of things to improve, such as clumps and blends to a more natural look.

Cruise - Likeness and textures improvement

General / 17 May 2020

Hey guys another update on my Tom Cruise study. just a small tweak on the likeness and update the shaders and textures.

I hope you like it !

Cruise - First Texture pass and quick LookDev

General / 05 May 2020

Hey Guys ! 

Here's an update on this project, i FINALLY started texturing it and decided to render some LookDev passes as well (just for fun, because it's the fun part right? haha) Ok it's a very early stage of the texturing process, i still have A LOT to improve and some break ups to define the nuances better. Also there's some meshes on the eyes missing that i'll eventually have to revisit in the sculpture and improve those complimentary parts to support the realism of them.

The eyebrows are just placeholders to give me some idea of the final look that i'll groom on Xgem later.

I hope you guys enjoy the progress and any feedback is very welcome !

Thanks guys ! (ahw btw, it's Arnold)

Snake/Cruise Final Blocking

General / 20 April 2020

Hey guys ! Looong time without messing with this fella, so here's i believe the final blocking for his body. Still have some tweaks and maybe some designs to rethink, but i think i'm happy with the volumes and the details so far. I still need to give some attention to the guns (that i'm still deciding what to put on the scene) and the iDroid with maybe some holo thing coming out. 

Next phase i'll go back to the likeness for a while and push the details a bit more before get crazy into pores and stuff and figure out the hair as well. I hope you like the progress !

Tom Cruise/Snake Process

General / 08 March 2020

Hey guys! Here's an update of this project. I did some small progress on the likeness (that still has much to do, especially on details as wrinkles and pores) 

*Hair is just a placeholder for now.

For the body i'm going with a personal design with some references from MGS universe. It's mostly a blocking stage and it still need major adjustments and lots of props and gadgets on his load out. 


Likeness Study - Tom Cruise

General / 26 February 2020

Hey guys ! long time without showing something here.

Well, here it is the new project i'm working on, and it'll be cool to have some feedback from all of you !

It's actually a 2in1 project where i'm studying Tom Likeness and also putting him into a character from a title that i love, many of you won't agree with the cast haha, but i always saw Cruise as Snake.

This are just some screengrabs from zbrush with a proxy fibermesh to study some volume as well.

I still see a ton of things to improve, and i also didn't get into fine details as pores and fine wrinkles because i want first to nail the shape to finally jump into the crazy stuff.

I hope to hear from you guys ! Cheers !

Young Arthur - LookDev

General / 26 July 2019

Hey guys, Here's some updates on the textures for this little fella.

It still have lots of things to fix, some values to tweek, some shadders to revise and the lights must be more artistic, more dramatic.

But the overall is pretty much done, and i hope you guys like it because i'm having so much fun doing it ! 


Young Arthur Update

General / 08 July 2019

Hey Guys, no fancy words, just few updates on the model.

Hope you like it, and C&C are very welcome !



General / 01 July 2019

Hey Guys, that's unbelievable but my project was selected as finalist on The Rookies challenge in the Visual Effects panel.
Being selected as finalist among more than five hundred projects is really a blast, and i hope all the efforts during my study period here could make it towards to the first place.
That's not everything, i also could count with your help voting on my entry in this link ( ). You'll find a share button by the end of the page, the voting is based on the share numbers on Facebook.
Thank you all and the results come in July,16 !

Young Arthur Update ! (Details Pass)

General / 30 June 2019

Hey guys, started detailing some stuff and creating other props for his belt. I also made a quick color pass to test the composition.

Cape and the "skirt" will be simulated again for the pose. 

Let me know what do you think guys !

Cheers !