Cruise - First Texture pass and quick LookDev

General / 05 May 2020

Hey Guys ! 

Here's an update on this project, i FINALLY started texturing it and decided to render some LookDev passes as well (just for fun, because it's the fun part right? haha) Ok it's a very early stage of the texturing process, i still have A LOT to improve and some break ups to define the nuances better. Also there's some meshes on the eyes missing that i'll eventually have to revisit in the sculpture and improve those complimentary parts to support the realism of them.

The eyebrows are just placeholders to give me some idea of the final look that i'll groom on Xgem later.

I hope you guys enjoy the progress and any feedback is very welcome !

Thanks guys ! (ahw btw, it's Arnold)